RESCAN WARNING .clocks have changed

as per title , just a reminder for us windows users to turn off the auto time change and manually change the clock ourselves , or do you want a total rescan of your c7 ???

thanks for reminder.too late for me; my pc is in the studio! but only takes about 10 minutes with this machine. my old pc used to take over an hour with multiple restarts and errors. pain in the bum! ed

Nice to hear Ed I just thought I would post a reminder , it’s so good to have super fast machines in our days but some people will still bog them down with 100’s of plugin’s , wait for the screaming and shouting lol

The clocks going back thing was a Microsoft idea.
It was designed to give users extra time to rescan Cubase 7…

A clock (time , bpm) never existed before Microsoft :astonished: :wink: :laughing:

hooo… it really happened… i should have listened to you :unamused: its scanning all my plugins… ! glad i did it now and not in front of a client ! :ugeek:

i did it once a few years ago. client arrived at same time as me (a bit early for session), we switched on pc and had to wait over an hour for pc to scan my long list of plugins. very annoying for both of us (and of course, I couldn’t charge them for the hour wasted). always make a point of getting in super early on these changeover days now!

A total bummer as I forgot about it and Cubase froze at the end of the scan. I had to Ctrl Alt + Delete. The Cubase kept stalling at the beginning of another scan. In the end after a shut down and re-boot I connected to the internet and then the re-scan completed in 10 mins and I was up and running again. What a pain!!!

mine was 12 minutes today, including one freeze (mix-convert from STEINBERG was the culprit!). not bad compared to the past… my laptop did it in about 2 minutes but it is a basic Cubase ai4 with stock plugins and no third party… ed

well I hate to say it but im going to be a right smarty pants and for the 3 year running setting the clock manually means no rescan of my plugin’s ,so it’s business as usual :wink:

maybe we LIKE moaning about it!

No comment lol , im sure if this issue was resolved the moaning would move on to something else :wink: :laughing:

One thing people can do is clean out the plugins folders. Often there are trial versions and all kinds of stuff that never gets used any more in there, so if you remove these (or just temporarily move them to a different folder) the re-scan will be quicker. When people report that it takes several hours to re-scan their plugins, I begin to wonder (a) how many plugins are really needed and (b) is the computer just too old?

But yes, it can be a problem, in some cases unavoidable, and I have in the past asked the question why this is necessary, on this very forum, only to find that on the next business day (as soon as Steinberg return to work) the topic has been deleted without trace.

Conspiracy theorists, discuss! :laughing:

I have a lot of plugins but still the scan only took a few minutes so it is not such a pain and in fact maybe good to refresh things once in a while

Maybe you topic never actually made it on to the board ,maybe it got stuck in one of the bugging devices from another nation :astonished: :laughing:
I don’t think it is so much of a hassle in our days with top spec machines and your top choice of plugin’s but if you choose to bog you machine down with as you say ex trials or 1000+ free plugin’s then …

I’ll bump this as there are still users coming across this issue

Re-scan only takes a couple of minutes at max, with HUNDREDS of plugins installed. Twice a year. I fail to see a real problem here. You should contact the plugin company if you have any plugins installed that introduce problems when they are being properly scanned…

Also, the workaround is quite simple: Just set the clock to MANUALLY and skip all the automatic settings.

(Sorry if I come across as impolite, I just think there are more important issues to solve in 7.0.6.)

My Cubase 7 did a rescan…but I don’t understand the big problem with that? :unamused:
It just rescan once and then you ready to go. No failure.
If you get halt or plugin failure during rescan you have major problems with those failed plugins. That means you shouldn´t use them. :wink:

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WOW! 12 min…

It took perhaps about 30-45sec on SSD disk with many +100 plugins + load hardware controllers.
Normal launch take about 12-14sec over here.
[Windows 7 x64]

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+1 Yeah, we’ve asked many times for this to be sorted… Whether it takes an hour or a few minutes I think it should be fixed. Mine takes about 15 minutes. Please look into the Steinberg!