Rescanning folders of previously saved insert effect chains

Dear Support,

i installed my plugin alliance plugins with the new installer and did a reinstall to one folder, only. A huge timesaver !
Unluckily the folder stucture has changed, because i had separate folders for the plugin alliance plugins before.

Thus i can not load a lot some of my previously saved insert effect chains. When trying to load the old insert effects chains, nothing happens.
Furthermore since the reinstallation, some of my new insert effect chains still can be saved with names but cannot be loaded again :frowning:
The insert effect chain is still empty than…

Saving insert chains a track presets solves the problem.

As far as i have a lot of insert chain presets with my old folder installation, i would suggest a function for cubase, that rescans the folders of the plugins for the “saved” insert effect chains, so that they will be available again.

A workaround would be, to open the old cubase projects and save track presets, but that is a lot of work…


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Unluckily Cubase 9.5.41 does not solve this problem either.