Resell eLicenser with Cubase (while Wizard is being revised)


the Resale Wizard has been showing the following error the last three weeks:
The Resale Wizard is currently being revised. Please try again later.

However, I found a little extension in the URL through googling that takes me here:

This new URL seems to give me the necessary information, but I’m a little worried about doing something wrong in the middle of a revision since I found this URL an “unofficial” way. Is it anyone here that might know if this is a safe way to sell a USB eLicenser with Cubase (Pro 10.5). (ie. simply ‘Delete registration’ of USB-eLicenser on MySteinberg account and ship the dongle)?


The process with the USB-eLicenser remains the same. So do the same, what does the wizard say, please.