Reselling Cubase Pro 9.5


I’m considering reselling my license, which is registered on a key. I know see that you don’t have to buy Cubase Pro in a box anymore, does that mean I don’t have to ship my box and my key to the buyer, but just e-mail the license code? (If the buyer has a key already of course).

I don’t think it’s that simple. You don’t need to ship the box but I’m pretty sure the only way to move the license from one key to another is to have both plugged into same computer but maybe I’m wrong here. But you can ship the key and then remove the key from your Steinberg account so the buyer can register to his account.

So it’s not possible to deactivate the license from the key?

It has to be transferred to another key. Also, keep in mind that if you bought an upgrade, you will be losing the license that lets you run your old version.

OK, so I need to buy another key, and send that one to the buyer?

Since I’ve bought the update to 9.5, do I have to send the buyer the installation file?

No… they can use the download app. But you won’t have a cubase licenseany longer

What’s wrong with Cubase?

Nothing, I just don’t need 3 daws.

This might be of some use, the Steinberg Resale Wizard…

I assume you are asking because you have other licenses on your dongle right?
In that case then yes, you will have to buy another dongle and transfer the license or you will have to meat up personally with the buyer to transfer license to his dongle.

Yes, I have ordered my new license already and transferred it to it, thank you.