Reset all midi controllers every time

Hello CB users
I setup a project using Roland FA-08 as the midi controller for all the tracks. All is good. But when I reopen that project ( or any project) every track shows the FA-08 as not found.
Anyone know why this is happening?


Did you set the MIDI Input of all MIDI/Instrument tracks to FA-08? Or do you use it as a Remote Device?

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Both. The FA-08 is the midi controller and is used for transport controls. When I open a project CB always says “FA-08 not found”. After the project opens the FA-08 is there it justs needs to be reselected for every track.
Can’t figure why.
Thanks Martin


There shouldn’t be problem on the MIDI track. But there is a known issue with the Remote Device (and some virtual MIDI Ports), only on Mac.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Is FA-08 using virtual MIDI Port?

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

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Hi Martin
I’m on a pc and the ports are virtual.
Thank you
Chuck Tripi


Could you please use Windows screenshot function? The pictures are really blurred and very hard to read.

I can see some other numbers (?) next to the MIDI Port name. What does it mean? If the number always the same?

Ok I’ll take a screen shot and explain in an hour or so.
Thanks again

I figured out how to fix it. When the project opens the dialog box showing the un mapped and missing controllers, clicking on the red text allows you to pick the missing controllers. Next time you open that project all is good.