Reset all Track Versions to 1

Hi all,

I’ve just finished setting up a new template, and I want to set all tracks to “track Version 1”, then 2, then 3 so I can switch all versions back and forth as one group. Because I’ve been toying with this to try and get them all on the same track version, I’m now up to like, ID 23+, what I want, is to be able to reset all tracks to ID1 but can;t find a way of doing it. I figure I may need to edit an xml file or something?

If any of the above makes sense, does anyone have any suggestions?!

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Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand your request completely. But if you select all tracks and start to Delete Version, all linked versions will be deleted.

You can also Delete Inactive Versions of All Tracks. Would this help?

I think you are confusing Version Numbers and Version Number IDs.

The Version Number IDs (not the Version Numbers themselves) are used to link versions on multiple Tracks. If say you have 3 Tracks, Bass, Drums, Guitar and each of those has V1, V2 & V3 those are all independent if just created one at a time. If you look at them you’ll see that the Bass V2 & the Drums V2 have different IDs. But if you edit the ID numbers to be the same you can use “Select Tracks with Same Version ID” to select and then change all those from one Version to another at the same time. FYI V2 on one Track and V3 on a different Track can both use the same ID - the Version Numbers themselves don’t need to match, just the IDs.

If you select multiple Tracks and then create a new version on them, all of those new versions will share the same Version Number ID. So that’s the easy way to get there.

Version Numbers keep track of different versions on the same Track.

Version Number IDs keep track of linked versions across the entire Project.

Thank for the responses guys.

I’m basically looking for a way to reset the Version IDs so that I can get all of my tracks on the same ID number. I did that with your suggestions, but now, when I do “New Version” the ID Number is starting at 28 and the Version numbers are 2,3,4 rather than 1,2,3.

I’d like them to Be ID 1,2,3 and Version 1,2,3. So I figure somewhere there must be a way of resetting this entirely?


Unfortunately I haven’t find a way. I tried to Back up Project and try in this project. I tried to create a new project and import all tracks from the project. None of tis worked.

Yeah, I think this is likely a case where the grunt work of editing them all by hand is the only way out. Although if you are creating a template and don’t have any content on the Tracks it might be easier to blow away all the versions and start over building it using multiple Track selection to create the common IDs.

Good luck with it.

In Cubase 11 it seems to be the same way. I often record several versons of a song (v1,v2,v3) and then decide I like say v3 and delete the rest. If backup the project to another folder with only the active version it still seems to keep the v3 as the name and if you create a new version you get v2 then v3. You can’t rename v3 to v1 before v2 is created. I would expect it would read the version number above and just start from there. Or some kind of reset. I just get around it with manual renames.

I would have thought this would take care of it, but when I try it doesn’t work.

Assigning a Common ID