Reset appearance deletes my segno…

Dear fellow Doricians,

I just discovered a problem, trying to achieve a nice layout of a complete vocal score I just entered from scratch in Dorico. I had done some edits (Make into system, make into frame) in the different flows (here, numbers of the opera). I just wanted to get rid of everything, so I selected all (in Write mode, for each flow), then reset appearance, reset position and in Engrave mode, reset staff spacing. I did that because, for a reason I do not understand, I had many problems appearing, lyrics covered by piano staves, fermatas covered by the notes they were supposed to hang… Too many non-Dorico looking things.
And this is what I noticed :
When I apply “reset appearance”, the segno I added using Shift-X workaround simply disappears ! I will have to add them again in all the score. Is this something known ?
01 Select all.png
02 after reset appearance.png
Daniel, do you need me to upload this work ?

I think this makes sense: when you do Reset Appearance on your text object, any font overrides in the text object will be removed. I think if you make your segno sign by using the ‘Music text’ character style rather than simply changing the font to Bravura Text, you’ll find the segno sticks around. To use the ‘Music text’ character style, choose it from the drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the text editing popover, rather than simply overriding the font.

Thank you Daniel for the tip; I did not think this kind of detail would change the behavior of the app, and now I know !
I’ll apply that and see how it goes.
[Edit] I am afraid your advice does not work this time. If I input the segno via Shift+X, then select Music text on the second upper window (the one with an “a”), and then reset appearance, it still gets rid of the segno.
And I noticed all those tremolo with dotted values I had to enter using Force duration have disappeared as well…

After having corrected the whole score (took me two hours… :-/ ) I notice that the problem I talked about on my last edit (about the dotted rhythm tremolos disappearing) is not consistent. I cannot understand why, but sometimes those tremolos remained, next to others I had to write again (with force duration). I don’t know if that makes any sense, but anyway, if needed, I can send the file for Dorico’s team to have a look on what has been going on.