Reset Beaming not working on XML import from Sibelius

I imported a MXL file from Sibelius, all import options were unchecked (including beaming).

Meter on the imported file was 10/8 but original beaming was wacky, so I switched the Dorico meter to [2+1+2+2+2+1]/8. This automatically fixed the beaming for the first half, but then weirdly the rest keeps the original wrong beaming. If I select and do “reset beaming” nothing happens.

Any idea what could be causing it? It happens right where there is a repeat with 1/2 endings . . .

It could be that the repeat barline is associated with a time signature with a different beat grouping. Try deleting the repeat barline and re-inputting it, so that it should pick up the new prevailing meter?

Failing that, post the project here for someone to look at.

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Also be sure to show Signposts (View menu) since XML imports in particular may insert hidden time signature changes where one does not expect them. To rid oneself of these hidden time signatures, delete the corresponding barline(s) since deleting the signposts directly is not possible for time signatures.

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Thanks to both of you - this ended up solving it. Indeed there was a hidden signpost associated with the repeat barline. Deleting the barline caused the signpost to show, deleting that solved the problem.