Reset button in Mixer pop-up EQ

Unless I’ve developed a blind spot, there is no bypass/reset button for the pop-up eqs in the mixer, nor is there the option Ctrl-Click as with the rack headers.

This would be a great feature to include. I like having the eq curve visible and adjustable without having to go into channel editor or waste screen space by having the eq rack showing. It just needs this tiny little tweak to make it perfect.

Or have I missed something?

You can do a CTRL-Click on every parameter to reset it.
The EQ pop-up mirrors the settings from the channel editor view, btw.
You can configure it to see the knobs or the sliders.

And a double click on the EQ points disables the EQ band.

I didn’t know that. But I’d still like to be able to at least bypass quickly.

You can configure the EQ to show the parameters, as sliders or knobs.
Then you can use the band controls in the pop-up window.

In the Cubase 13 mixer I see bypass options for Pre, EQ, sends, etc. - but I don’t see any color indication on the symbol to indicate if bypass is active or disabled (at least on MacOS). Looks like the only option is to right click to enable/disable and see the status. I assume opt’ing to not show one or more of those sections in the mixer does does not affect if that section is enabled/disabled.