Reset caret to closest grid position

When I alter the grid to a larger note value, the caret is “floating.” I’d expect a left arrow nudge to move it to the next available spot, but instead it move it to that spot in the previous bar.

It’s hardly ruining my life, but just bringing this to the team’s attention. :wink:

This is the designed behaviour. Given that you can already move the caret by a duration other than the current grid setting, e.g. when you have the grid set to eighths and enter a dotted eighth, there’s no good reason in our view to force the caret to snap to grid positions if you change the resolution.

This makes sense, but is it also the intended behaviour to have the caret jump back a whole bar when you try to nudge it left from a non-grid-aligned position, as in Dan’s example?

Yes, that was my point (although again, it feels a bit like straining at gnats). When I move the cursor left, if expect it to move to the next available grid location. But it doesn’t; it jumps to the previous measure.

You’re right of course, the caret should indeed jump to the nearest valid location, which it will now do in the next update. Thanks for bringing up those seemingly little things.

Great, thank you!