Reset Channel Strip EQ to default with Key command?

I’ve read old posts about the Alt/click to bypass and hold to reset the EQ . Has this never been fixed ? i’ve tried every combination and can’t get this to work , Im working on old projects where i want the reset every Eq on the strip but doing it manually will be a PITA .

Give “Edit → Reset to Default” a try. I don’t remember if it works from anywhere or if you need to be in channel settings for it to work.

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AFAICS, there isn’t one. The only way I found to reset the EQ of a given channel is to save a completely flat and idle curve as Default EQ preset and apply it when needed. Maybe there is another more straightforward way of doing…

There is also the Function > Reset MixConsole Channels… command that can be used for selected track(s), but it also resets Inserts and Sends settings, so it’s not a true solution…

Nope , that’s why i’m asking , its assigned to a key command but no joy im afraid

Yep there’s a preset for reset curve but i’m looking for assigning the Streamdeck .
I search through old posts and this has been going on for years .

I’ll check it out in an hour or so and get back to you. I clearly remember that it worked (and I hoped it would work for any plug-in in focus too, but it only worked for the EQ.) But I don’t remember where I had to fire it from.

Edit: It works, but you have to click in the EQ graph first so that it gets focus. So, no Q-Link from MixConsole. Boo.

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But is it supposed to work like that?


I’m sorry, I don’t know what does thi command do.

The way, how to reset the EQ is to load the !Reset EQ preset.

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This one went off my radar. Thanks for the tip… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Martin, it resets the EQ with a key command. What I don’t remember though is this. Was it always that we had to be tweaking with the mouse inside the EQ’s graph for the key command to work? (Tweak tweak - oh I made a mess - give keycommand → EQ becomes flat, start over)

Or was it that we just had to have the EQ “section” (in channel settings for example, or the EQ tab of the inspector, or the EQ rack of the mixconsole) in focus. I can’t remember.

It’s not much useful (the key command) right now I’m afraid. Q-linking and using the !Reset preset as you say is much faster.

Hi, note that the Reset To Default command resets the in-focus object and it does affect not just the EQ but also the Noise Gate, the Standard Compressor and the Pregain.


Good to know! Thanks!

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