Reset collisions

Is there a way to reset a score so as to avoid collisions such as …


There are numerous threads on strategies to resolve this, but I doubt you’ll get a definitive response unless you post the project.

Beyond The Sea.dorico (1.4 MB)

Well, I’m only on Dorico 4 (so I didn’t have your font), but I was curious so I opened it and just applied the Academico font. It looked alright to me!

Well … I did the same thing and, yes, it did rearrange things better. Which brings up the question - why does the Finale Jazz font (shipped with D5) create problems?

Then I did this (selecting ALL first):
… and that worked wonders!

Nice, glad you got it worked out. Did you input all of the material directly into Dorico? I’m wondering if layout locking somehow got engaged, but if you input it all from scratch, I don’t see how that would have happened.

All done in step time. (Not sure if that answers your question. :thinking:)