Reset "map always" MIDI port binding

I have a project in which some MIDI tracks where mapped to a loopback port when the project was saved.
Since I later renamed that MIDI port (loopMIDI), when opening the project again, I remapped the missing port to its new form and selected “Map Always”, thinking it was a project based preference checkbox.
Since then, every time any project has that port assigned somewhere, Cubase will remap it to the new port I specified that first time (so it’s a global checkbox turns out!), but I might need to specify a different remapping after all in some projects.
I wanted to know if someone from Steinberg can point to where that “binding” is remembered as a preference, in case I want to reset the “Map always” choice.

OK, should’ve explored more before posting, sorry! Looks like I found it in the Port Setup XML, at the bottom, a new string was added specifying the new bindings. Deleting it will reset.
Again sorry, hope it helps anyone with a similar issue