Reset only note messages (ignoring controllers)

As the manual describes it, the Reset function sends out note-off messages and resets controllers on all MIDI channels. Is it possible to leave out the controllers and send out only note-off messages?

(the Reset Function - screenshot)

Thank you.

I have figured a workaround! It consists of a macro and a MIDI part (with values for the controllers that you don’t need to reset).



GIF example


Hurray! :partying_face:

Are you using this method instead of MIDI CC #123 because CC 123 did not work?
From MIDI CC List

The reason why I asked is because I needed a way of reseting MIDI without the tracks being record enabled.

What I mean is, MIDI controller 123 can be used to send an all-notes-off message to all channels, which seems to be what you want to achieve.

Since I observed that you created a macro to do it, I was wondering if you had a special case that required doing it that way, or if perhaps, using cc123 did not occur to you, or you didn’t know about it yet?

Sorry. I should’ve mentioned that I need to do it without the MIDI tracks being record enabled.

I had some general idea about cc123, but I never used it. My special case involves Track Record enable PLE presets assigned (through GR) to Open Stage Control buttons (buttons on my touchscreen tablet). So, if notes get stuck on Record Disabled tracks, then cc123 can’t be used. Also, a menu command compared to a PLE command is much more responsive.