Reset Position key command

I note that in some areas – like Note Spacing and Stave Spacing – pressing the delete key ‘resets’ the position of an adjusted item. It would be nice (to say nothing of consistent) if Delete also acted to Reset the Position for things like Text objects in Engrave mode.

Obviously, the delete key doesn’t delete in Engrave mode. The problem is that you can Reset Position in Write mode, where you would also want to delete things with the Delete key!

That’s an interesting idea, Ben, and I’ll certainly consider it.

Or perhaps the “Clear” key, though not everyone has one of those.

Where’s the clear key on your keyboard, Ben? As far as I know I don’t have one on my Windows machine OR my Mac (and I have full size external usb keyboards for both machines)…

The Clear key on my Mac keyboard is above 7 on the Numpad. It has this symbol: ⌧ Apple don’t offer a way to implement it at all on laptop or short keyboards. :unamused:

In Finale, the Clear key also resets positions of items like Expressions, articulations, etc. They introduced an alternative shortcut as an alternative in the last update (Nov 2017). At the time, I was jubilant. :confused:

Ah! In that case I do have one on my external Mac keyboard - I’ve just never known what it was for!

Thanks for illuminating.

I believe that on a Windows keyboard the Backspace Key (as opposed to the Delete key) fills the role of the Clear key (at least in Finale).

Yes it does (in Finale). I use that functionality often (well, I used to. No more Finale for me, generally).