reset the scanning for waves

hello all,

I uninstalled my waves 8 bundle as I wanted to do a fresh install for my new waves 9.

Now every time I start N5.5.2, it ask to locate the waves plugins 8.0 folder.

Can you tell me how can i stop this warning. I verified and I don’t see any trace of waves anywhere in my computer.



Apparently you didn’t un-install V8 correctly.
Search for waveshell.dll’s and remove those.


I can’t find any waveshell anywhere.

Is there a way to reset Nuendo scan at the loading ?

it must be a preference or a setting in Nuendo.

Thanks so much

I don’t understand (anymore) …

Is this the same issue you are talking about or two different?
If Nuendo ask for Waves 8 upon startup, then it means that Waves V8 is not properly uninstalled.

Nuendo scans all plugins upon the first launch of Nuendo (and when daylight savings are changed).
After that first launch, all should be smooth and fast.
And with Waves V9 it should be lightning fast.


Hey Fredo,

thanks for your help.

It is still the same problem. I uninstalled the waves 8 and apparently it wasn’t done well. But when I look for anything “waves” related in my computer, i don’t find anything. dll included. (I am running Mac OSX 10.6.8)

So is there a way for me to reset that warning on the Nuendo side which could be a preference reset or something else you would suggest ?

And every time I start Nuendo, it ask to locate the Waves 8.0 folder.

Thanks again.


there are no dll files on a mac. if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes i’d happily do a teamviewer session with you. email max at redfacilities dot com

thanks so much all,

finally i found the files with Waves 8.0 after realizing spotlight didn’t list them.


I was able to delete them and not have these warnings again.



There’s one alternative solution to this problem, check this video (sorry it’s on Studio One, but it’s the same on Cubase) :