Reset to Saved Defaults?

My stems are too thin in a rather large project I’m working on (they’re set to 2/25). I’d like to reset their thickness to the “saved default,” but I’m afraid that if I do, it’ll reset all other values in Engraving Options–Notes (and I’ve changed several things).

  1. Will “Reset” change only the value of the box I’m editing, or everything in that section?

  2. What IS the default stem thickness value? Opening a new project populates my saved default thickness.


Hi Dan. 3/25 is the default thickness.

Thanks David! I’ll set that back to default.

Dan, you can always start a project, open whatever Options dialog, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and watch the “reset to default” button automagically become a “reset to factory” button. Hitting it won’t actually delete your defaults but does give you an easy way of seeing what the factory defaults are.

Good to know. Thanks!