Reset Voice column index for entire flow

Is there a way to turn off (reset) Voice column index for an entire flow?
The help page does not mention any;

“Select all” in Write mode, Filter > notes, switch to Engrave mode, deactivate the property?

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I thought so too, but the filter seems to include something that reduces the options in Engrave mode to almost none.

After some investigation I found that once grace notes are included in the selection (and they are indeed notes…) it reduces the options to a few. Deselecting the grace notes shows most (all?) options again in Engrave move.

Thus the proper steps would be

  1. Select All
  2. Filter (to select) notes and chords
  3. Filter (to deselect) grace notes
  4. Reset voice column index in Engrave move.

I think the steps could be easier.** Why are grace notes not regarded as normal notes and why does it reduce the options to almost none in Engrave mode if both a grace note and a “normal” note are selected? This seems to be a bug. It was also present in 4.3 (running 5 now). If they are to be separate for some reason in the properties panel, they should not be included in the Notes and chords filter IMO.

** I made a script in the Script menu, but still it seems non-logical to me with the selections/filters.

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That’s because they can have different properties. There are some that pertain only to grace notes (before/after barline, for example) and when multiple items are selected, the properties panel can only display common properties.

Does not seem logical.

If they share properties, those properties should be shown when both are selected. Only specific shall be excluded. Much like Venn diagrams (if somebody recalls those…)

GN properties

Normal notes properties

Both selected = no properties

This is clearly wrong logic and should be corrected.

Mats, may I add that you will also have to deselect tuplets (if there are any).


Thanks! Are there any more only these two?

  • Select All
  • Filter (to select) notes and chords
  • Filter (to deselect) grace notes
  • Filter (to deselect) tuplets

Mats, for me these steps seemed to have been the only necessary.

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