Resetting a Dorico file to use dynamic markings

Hi All, just wondering… I’ve been playing around with my new fader to record automation into Dorico and it works great; however, I’d like to revert back to the velocity, expression and volume settings that Dorico created when I originally notated my piece.

How do I do that?

Revert to a backup from before the change, would you not? Else I don’t udnerstand the question.

There isn’t at present a single command to remove all MIDI continuous controller data for a particular track. This is certainly something we could add in future. For the time being, you would need to look in the Key Editor at the drop-down in the Expression and CC section for those controllers shown there (which means they have values), and deleting them, which should be not too inconvenient if you compress down the lane to the minimum zoom level, then use a marquee selection to select everything.

Might re-applying the Playback Template do it?

Ok, that sounds good. Thanks, Daniel.

I haven’t created one yet which is my bad.