resetting midi driver in cubase 7

hi…I recently had to upgrade my flash player in youtube and after that sometimes when I use cubase or logic pro… I can not get the midi controller to work…I also have logic pro on my puter and the midi wont work there as well…my solution was to reset the midi driver…unfortunately I know how to do this in logic but I can not find this feature in cubase 7…does anymore know how to reset the midi driver in cubase 7?..and how?.it a shame I have to go to another software to reset a midi driver.

Or, use the application Audio Midi Setup. Cubase does not “reset” midi connections on Mac or PC. (On Mac this means you can hot plug midi devices and Cubase will see them without relaunching. On PC, no.)

SteveInChicago…cant find that application on my new Imac mountain lion osx 10.8.3…and it is not in cubase 7…or am I looking in wrong places


or use Spotlight to find it

did not work…midi driver still needs to be reset in another program (logic pro) to work.

did not work…midi driver still needs to be reset in another program (logic pro) to work.

Actually, it works great. One of the niceties on the Mac side.

Additionally, if you unplug and replug a USB midi interface in Mac OS with Cubase running it will reset itself. Here’s a movie about it, featuring me unplugging my old Midisport 2x2, and plugging it back in.

ty SteveInChicago…but I am using the thunderport not the usb port…I had tried that and it didnt work either…it shows what u r showing but no midi comes thru…I always have to go to another program (Logic pro) to reset the midi driver.

That’s what I get for responding to posts where the OP doesn’t supply his system details. Thunderport, indeed.

Sorry SteveInChicago…I had thought I had previously put on my specs…2013 Imac 2.9 8 gigs of ram mountain lion 10.8.3 osx…meant to say thunderbolt…i am using it with a firewire audio interface.

My Konnekt 24d is a firewire interface, I can get it to reappear using Audio Midi Setup. But I don’t know what interface you have, so if it’s something specific to that I can’t help you, nor can some other person who might have the device you have.

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steve…using a presonus firebox…if I do what u previously said… it reconginize it but again…no midi is available unless i reset the midi driver in logic pro…also how do I put my specs on my post on the bottom like yours so I can avoid the confusion?..thank you

Maybe someone with the presonus device can answer you…

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