Resetting mixer settings

This is a weird one and I’m tempted to blame the 10.0.10 update because I’ve never had this happen until I opened it after updating from 10.0.5 to 10.0.10…my mixer started displaying as giant faders, with the inserts/eq/sends missing. I know how to add them back manually, but is there a reset to default for the mixer visually? Even if I add the inserts/eq/sends back the faders are weirdly sized now, along with a few other things and I don’t remember every detail of how it was before to drag it all back into place.


Cubase 10.0.10 is using new window layout for the MixConsole. So might be, there is some issue coming from the older MixConsole window layout.

To reset MixConsole:

  • Open MixConsole window.
  • Window > Windows… menu.
  • In the Windows window select MixConsole and click to Reset Layout.
  • MixConsole window closes. Once you reopen it, you will get the default settings.