Resetting note spacing after Dorico changes

Hey there.
So I had a tempo marking that was pretty long, and on beat 4 of a 4/4 bar. There’s an a tempo at the start of the next bar, and Dorico shifted the a tempo mark quite far to the right to keep it out of the way of that long tempo marking, and it moved the music at the start of that second bar along with it. I’ve moved the long tempo marking to the left enough (in Engrave mode) that I can have the second bar appear without a large amount of empty space before the first note. But how do I get Dorico to shift the music in the second bar now that I’ve moved the first tempo marking back? Currently the only thing that’s changing is the first tempo marking that I’ve dragged.

Also is there a way to put a line break in my tempo marking?


+1 for the line break — so far I had to use a workaround : input two tempo markings and moving them in Engrave mode.

+1 one more for the line break

At the moment, no, there’s no way of inputting a line break in a tempo mark but this is definitely on our wish list for the future.

I’m not sure I can picture the problem you describe with the music at the start of the next bar being pushed out of the way. Can you attach a screenshot of the affected bars?

Thanks Daniel, here are some snippets, with comments attached with the images. I’m trying to get rid of the empty space at the start of m42. I’ve been trying this by moving the tempo text in m41 left, after which I’d somehow fix/reset the spacing at the top of m42, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I’d also be fine with having Dorico try to expand the spacing of m41 to fit the tempo marking rather than moving m42 to get its contents out of the way.

Does that make sense? Thanks!
Cello after.png
violin 2.png
Vln 1 before.png

The problem is that even if you move the tempo object left graphically in Engrave mode, that offset is not taken into account by the spacing, which is intended to be completely stable and not respond automatically to changes you make to the graphical position of an item. In the absence of tools to adjust the rhythmic spacing (which are coming early next year, I hope), I recommend you use a separate text item via Shift+X set up to look the same as your tempo marking to put the second line of text in for your tempo mark.

Ouch. Okay then. Thanks a lot!