Resetting note spacing for individual squares and circles

I cannot find a function to reset note spacing for individual squares and circles. Neither Reset Appearance nor Reset Position appear to work.

For the moment, the options to reset these seem to be as follows:
squares: Engrave->Note Spacing->Reset Selected System (resets all squares in system)
circles: Voice Column X Offset (Local Property in Engrave mode for selected noteheads)

Am I missing something?

P.S. Squares and circles appear to exhibit different behavior when I reset them manually. Circles that are changed and then manually reset to the original position appear in blue (indicating they are back at the default position) but squares remain red when manually reset to the default position (indicating, I suppose, that manual adjustments have been made). This “double meaning” of the blue color doesn’t seem ideal to me, if I’m understanding it properly that is.

The recommended way to remove note spacing offsets is to select the handles whose values you want to reset and to hit Delete.

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For future reference, the relevant page in the manual is here:

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