Resetting Position/Appearance Locally

The documentation says that it’s possible to reset the position and appearance of some items locally.
Is there a list of which?

I often manually adjust the appearance of a slur in a score layout, with properties scope set to globally, in case those adjustments are ideal for the part layout as well. If not, I reset the appearance of the slur in the part layout, because it’s easier to start from zero. Unfortunately I find this resets its appearance in the score layout as well, regardless of whether the properties scope is set to globally or locally.

Conversely, if I manually edit the position of a tempo mark in the score layout (again, with properties scope set to globally), then reset its position in the part layout, the original offsets are preserved in the score, regardless if the properties scope is set to globally or locally.

I’m aware that some users prefer to keep the properties scope set to locally always while manually editing in engrave mode, but for my workflow, sometimes it would really save a lot of time if I could at least audition the manual edits globally, then if unsuccessful in a counterpart layout, be able to reset the appearance locally.

Any tips for locally resetting appearances of items like slurs, while preserving the edits in other layouts? (aside from typing 0 in each box in the properties panel).

Select an object and open the Properties panel. You will see a list of settings along the top of the panel e.g. Search, Show: Active/All etc… If you select Show: Global Only, it will present you with a list of properties that are only adjustable globally e.g. Velocity, Harmonic type…

For example, select a note and try to enable a laissez vibrer tie with the Set local properties switch set to Locally. It won’t work even though you have Locally activated; it will be adjusted in all Layouts.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m not looking for a list of items that are adjustable locally. I’m looking for a list of items whose positions/appearances are resettable locally, while preserving the manual adjustments in other layouts.

Ahhh ok. I’m not sure, sorry. Hopefully someone will chime in soon.

Edit > Reset Position does seem to work only globally. [Edit: on slurs, that is]

But you can reset slur handles locally by toggling the switches in Properties. When it’s set to “Locally” I find that this doesn’t undo adjustments in another layout.

Whenever you turn off switches in Properties, the values are forgotten. (I think this is the first time I have seen this as a distinct advantage!)

Interesting and good to know, thank you!

Edit > Reset Position does in fact seem to work locally, at least on Tempo mark offsets, whereas on some other items, like slurs, Reset Position/Appearance seems to work only globally. A specific list of items for which this is possible would be really helpful.

I’ve had a think about this topic today – it can be surprisingly nuanced for something that is on the surface relatively simple!

Tempo marks are likely behaving differently than slurs because tempo marks are system-attached items.

It might be that the docs need reviewing to capture exactly what’s going on more comprehensively. I’m now not sure the current property scope affects resetting position/appearance – rather, the nature of the property’s scope at the time it was set is more important (a local property set locally earlier, will be reset locally even if the scope is now Globally; conversely, a local property set globally earlier, will be reset globally even if the scope is now Locally).

In theory, these are principles that you can apply to any notation item, rendering a list unnecessary.

Having said that, I will double-triple check the nuances I’m sure I’m forgetting off the top of my head before rewriting any documentation!


Thanks Lillie, that is fascinating. So if I understand correctly,

If I manually edit the appearance/position of a staff-attached item while the properties scope is set to globally, then Edit > Reset Position/Appearance will only work globally, regardless of the current properties scope?

I think that’s the case, yes.

Thank you so much!

I would like to request a feature: the ability to Edit > Reset Appearance/Position of globally-adjusted staff-attached items locally, such that the global adjustment is preserved in other layouts.

This flexibility would be very helpful in numerous scenarios. For one example: a client has made many global manual adjustments to the score that I’d like to preserve, but in the part layouts I need to reset many items to efficiently work on them.

The trouble with your request, Stu, is that a global adjustment exists everywhere. If you’re in a part layout that doesn’t have its own adjustment, but has the global adjustment (because the global adjustment exists everywhere), then there’s nothing to reset: you need to set something, rather than reset something, because in the context of the part, nothing is set. When you do Reset Appearance or Reset Position, that removes the property overrides, but what you’re asking for is instead to set a local override but for it to somehow be what it would be had the item not been adjusted globally. In some cases that might be as simple as setting the value to 0, but for many other types of properties it wouldn’t be anything like as simple.

Nevertheless your request does represent a genuine use case, of course, but I’m not sure how we could best address it. It needs some thought.


Very interesting. Thanks for the detailed explanation!