Resetting selected racks?

Hi, is it possible to remove say all inserts or sends or eq at once? I thought it would be possible by selecting and using the Quick link etc but no methods I’ve tried have worked. Like say selecting the desired channels to reset, turning absolute on and then dragging a blank channels Send rack to one of the selected channels, only it resets but not all??

Same with linking all channels by Send and dragging a blank send strip to the linked tracks channels, it only resets the channel it’s dragged to…

Even selecting/linking all racks and then right clicking on the right and clicking Clear/Delete only does it on the selected channel.

So is this possibe via some other way?



You can Bypass all Inserts or EQs or Strips at once, od you can Reset the Mix completely. But you cannot do something inbetween.

But there is a workaround. Create a new track and copy the setting to the tracks you want haved resetted.

Cheers, Matze.

DocMA: Yeah I use this method but it resets the whole channel, sometimes I just want to get reset all my sends or say everything but 1 rack type… In 1 move.

Martin: I see, I’m very surprised given the amount of features the console has, or appears to have… seems strange that it can’t do this, won’t be expecting it but hopefully they’ll add this by 9.