Resetting Slur Direction Bug?

I just completed my first full project in Dorico, a piece for medium-sized orchestra (3/2/2/2;4/3/3/2 for ww and br). I created two separate documents, one for the score, and one for the parts so I could combine players where appropriate in the score to reduce the number of visible staves (i.e. Fl 1, 2). After using filtering to break the voices and chord-members into separate staves in a new parts document, I discovered that I could not reset the slur direction in the bottom panel. I could change it, but not reset which means that I had to manually correct every instance of a slur that had been moved to the opposite side when there were two voices on a single staff - quite a hassle! Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

I’ve not encountered this: did you find that Edit > Reset Position was unable to reset the slur direction?