Residual 'marching ants' - UI glitch...

See attached.

I’d selected a frequency range with the Frequency Tool - I’d gone too far, so went to shorten its length using ALT+ click/drag. Saw the result - something probably not meant to happen…? Experimented a bit more; found it is reproducible, and came up with this for review.

Its purely a UI thing - has no bearing on the resulting selection or processing

Thanks for reporting.

Just downloaded the new patch 2 update - good stuff Robin…!

Obviously too late to get anything done about this in time for release, but after further playing, I thought about it some more.

I now see of course, that in order to shorten an already selected frequency area, you are in fact having to make a new selection area that encompasses what you want removed (subtracted) from your initial selection. Because the two never match exactly, you’re always going to be left with some ‘residual’…

I know, I know - there’s really no harm with these at all… And not asking that you change anything wholesale here. Its just an annoyance now. I’ve begun aborting things if I don’t like it, starting over and choosing a new (shorter) area length I’m happy with. But I’d really like to be able to just grab that right-hand edge of an initial selection, and drag it left a little… its such an ingrained/intuitive workflow from many other apps…

But hey - exploring more; I’m slowly learning the use of the other tools and how layers work more as well…! Bound to be better/other workflows still to come for me… :wink:

Something can probably be done with the residual selections you mentioned in your initial post (some sort of auto clean-up).

Regarding the other thing you mention (grabbing handles to adjust a selection), you can actually do that since SL7 : check out the new Transform Selection tool, hidden under the regular Transform tool. It will show up the handles you’re looking for.


Secondly though, do I have to switch to a new tool to do this - I want the same Frequency Tool to be able to sense the outer edge of my selection and be able to adjust (‘grab handles’).

Or, if I have the Frequency Tool selected, can I get to the Transform Tool with just a modifier…?

Or, Cubase (and StudioOne) has a nice idea with its recent introduction of a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ tool mechanism. The user could decide (and change) which combination of tool(s) to have as 1st and 2nd, depending on type of work, etc… Just a thought…

Its all about the workflow.