Resizable windows

I have a 4k montor and there are several windows too small that cannot be expanded:

  1. Hub:

  2. Media tab in right Zone, i can´t see full file names with maximum width size

  3. Midi inserts too small, should be expandable windows:

  4. Please add search button to Preferences window

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What is the size of the monitor?
What is the resolution?
What scaling is it set to?

I think I get your point though, and at present one can have an impact on the readability by altering the HiDPI settings and application scaling.

it´s a 43" 4k with 100% scaling but as seen in the screenshots windows have to be expandable.
I don´t want to modify hdpi scaling, the resolution and scaling are the ones I want but some windows are too small and I can´t take advantage of the high resolution.

Does make sense.
But indeed you want resizable windows …

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