Resize ALL tracks vertically to fit in the window

Sonar uses the keyboard shortcut “f” to resize ALL tracks vertically to fit in the window. It’s extremely handy. I used to use it all the time until Gibson got stupid and pulled out of Cakewalk. Now I use Cubase 9.5 and like it very much.
It looks like the Zoom commands in Cubase 9.5 should have something like that, but I don’t see it. Thanks.
I am adding this further explanation: One can resize all tracks to minimum size in Cubase. They will then fit in the window. However, the request I’m making resizes them so that they fit EQUALLY in the window. e.g. If you have 3 tracks, they resize to fit the ENTIRE window. If you have 10 tracks, they resize to fit the entire window. I think Cubase options for resizing tracks are great, but this one thing is something I used all the time in Sonar. I put this same question in the Forum section for Sonar refugees, but the answer was “Cubase doesn’t do that”. Well…maybe Cubase SHOULD do that, I humbly submit.

I’m totally agree with this very relevant suggestion… I would like to add one on the same topic. With virtual instruments, it could be interesting to automatically limit the midi editor view (vertically) at the “range” of the instrument, It could be a relevant display option. Cubase could suggest a range (for classic instruments, it’s well known) but we also could introduce it in the expression map as a specific new parameter.