Resize Cubase 8 display

So I am brand new to Cubase 8, I am slowly going though the PDF instruction manual, I have reached the point where I am learning about the project window, and specifically the toolbar and its tools. After being asked to right click in an empty space on the tool bar, and select SHOW ALL, several of the tools are out of my page and so I have to scroll to see them. I see there are a lot of tools, but is it possible to resize the Cubase icons so I could perhaps get them all one page, or is this unnecessary? I am using a 17 inch laptop which is set to the biggest display resolution I have,1600 x 900’.

Not possible to resize the toolbar icons. I would suggest only keeping what you need on the toolbar. If you need any of the other tools, you can right-click the toolbar and you have access to the other options.