Resize mixer crash Cubase 11

I installed Cubase 11 - the latest version available from download assistant.

Cubase is 100% default preferences - I set my asio driver to a Steinberg UR22 C box I have and 64 bit float.

I open a new project
hit F3 to open the mixer
I use my mouse to resize the mixer in the bottom right corner for width and height
if I hold the mousebutton and try to resize for more then 3 seconds Cubase crashes
(3 times I could re produce it - will add dmp files)

I run the latest Windows 10 H2 December update
AMD 5900x cpu
32 gb ram
Gigabyte Arous x570 mb
AMD 6800xt grapichs card
steinberg ur22C
4 uad cards

everything with latest versions on bios and drivers (no beta drivers) (493.3 KB)

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