Resize Multiple Midi Note Events


I’ve been using Nuendo for the past 15 years or so and haven’t come across this problem before. Hopefully it’s something silly I’ve overlooked but I would very much appreciate a little help.

It seems since I upgraded to the latest version that when I’m editing midi notes in the key editor, I can no longer select multiple notes and edit the length of all selected notes. If I select ten notes, for example, I can move them all up and down in pitch, I can erase them all by erasing one of the selected notes, etc.

But if I select the same ten notes and try to resize a note, for the last years it would resize all those notes by the same length, but now it deselects all notes but the one I’m resizing, meaning I have to resize all ten notes manually.

I’ve poked around to see if anyone else is having the same problem, but sadly no luck so far. If anyone has an idea if there’s a setting I’m overlooking or a new shortcut, etc, that would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot!