resize toolbox

I have tried to resize the Tool box. ref to the video

But I cant get it working. can anyone else get it working ?

I am on Cubase 10 elements.

Best Thomas

Apparently they removed this feature in Cubase 10. Cubase 10 Pro here and I have the same issue. Research on this board shows quite a few people wanting it and none of us understand why they took it away!

oh my dear lord. I was afraid that was the case. Why remove something that already works. Its a mystery to me haha. But I guess we gotta live with it.
Thx for the reply.

I’m swearing daily over this. Not much but it’s daily …
Put it back in C10.5, please!

haha… We have to start a ‘new Toolbox revolution’

Please, please Steini, bring back the old toolbox.

Warm Regards.