Resizeable GUI implementation

This might be off topic, sorry for that, but I have no idea where to ask for assistance.
I am developing a 2.4 plugin for Windows with sizeable GUI. To resize the host’s plugin window I call the effect’s sizeWindow mehod.
It works with all my hosts except Cubase (LE9 9.0.20 Build 209, 64 bit) where the plugin’s sizeWindow method does not resize the window (and returns false). Also canHostDo(“sizeWindow”) returns false.
Yet I see other plugin developers implementing a resizable GUI that works in Cubase, too. How do they do it?
(I can manipulate the host’s plugin window by calling SetWindowPos but there has to be a better way.)

Cubase does not support the VST2.x sizeWindow method. Consider porting your plug-in to VST3 for this.
Also, please don’t touch the host window. It’s not guaranteed that your plug-in will work in a future version of Cubase.


Thank you for the reply.
Any ideas how other 2.4 plugin’s implement the GUI resizing in Cubase (e.g. Reaktor)?