Resizing audiofile windows

In past versions of Wavelab I was able to double click the tab of the audiofile and get smaller audiofile windows which were fully resizable and maneuverable around the screen… Cannot seem to find a way to do that in 8.5.

They are locked even when I double click the tab. This does result in them becoming smaller but I cannot resize them nor can I move them away from the top bar.

For the way I work recording and editing audiobooks this is essential. Can someone tell me if there is a setting I need to tweak? - I’ve looked but can’t find anything that affects it.

Indeed, this does not work on the Mac (I have to find why), while this works on Windows.

Please explain in which way this is useful to you?

Hard to explain other than that I prefer to work in smaller windows and have several open sometimes from which I cut and cross paste (I work on either two screens - in Windows - or on a large 27" iMac, right now). I like the freedom it gives me - I do not like the fixed size of the window when you can’t change or move it, or overlap the file windows.

I’ve used Wavelab since 1.0 and am perhaps one of the most successful audiobook narrators working entirely from a home studio - I’m always fighting a rearguard action against those who say ProTools is the way to go…

This does work in 8.0 on the Mac and I will continue to use that - although the maneuverability of the file windows certainly doesn’t work as well as it used to when I used it in earlier versions (and I used to use it in Windows) - I was so happy when the Mac version came out and, based on that, moved totally to Mac (I’m not a lover of Windows and, seriously, only stayed with it so long because Wavelab was Windows only).

Incidentally I have used 8.0 Elements on my studio Mac and was disappointed when I found I couldn’t minimize the windows as I used to like - but since it was the recording computer only there was no essential need for it so assumed it was a deliberate omission. BUT on a couple of occasions when I have clicked the tab the window has become independent of the top bar and, as in the old versions, become easy to resize and so on - I have no idea how I did it and while it has happened more than once I can’t explain what combination of keys and clicks did it.

I remain hopeful that this facility will return to Wavelab on the Mac soon. (especially as I just spent another $50 upgrading to something I won’t use…). Perhaps I’ll look on that as a contribution to helping you keep up the good work so far :slight_smile:

Did you try dividing the edit space in smaller cells?

I’ve used Wavelab since 1.0


I have now, and I don’t like it - It’s so regimented and I have files that are of lesser importance that I don’t want to always have take up that much space on the screen… I also don’t know, when I start, how many files I’m going to want to use.

For example: Say, I’m working on a list of corrections. I need to pull sections of variable length from my previously recorded files which I then put together so that I can listen to how I sounded as I record the correction - so the sound matches the original. I usually have all the audiofiles minimized along the bottom of the workspace… I bring each one up as I need it and highlight the passage for use - In the first instance I drag and drop that to create a new ‘voicematch’ file. I have a file with 10secs of silence highlighted tucked down in the corner and drag and drop that to the end of the extract I just placed - I then go to the next passage, highlight and drag and drop - followed by more silence - thereby creating a 'Voicematch ’ file for use in the studio.

I can see it’s going to be possible to find a way to work with fixed windows but it’s going to be more steps and … I don’t like it :frowning:

Did you say this still works in Windows versions of Wavelab? Maybe with VM Ware and Parallels working better these days I’ll have to investigate the possibility of using the Windows version in a virtual environment on my Mac. Not ideal - but if this function has gone that’s my only choice.

You could also divide the editing space in 2 or 3 tab groups. One of them containing the audiofiles you used to have minimized along the bottom of the workspace.

The fixed window thing doesn’t work for me visually and practically. Maybe it’s just the aesthetics of it - but it’s also the way I’m used to working.

Anyway, I’ve installed VMWare and am using Wavelab 8.5 in Windows 8.1 - most satisfactory, though extra steps needed for setup. I’m confident I can make it work for me.

I hope one day that Wavelab for Mac does what Wavelab for Windows does - but in the meantime I’ll survive. :slight_smile:

I am just evaluating Wavelab 8.5 and am finding the same problem. I can’t believe that this has not been addressed by now. I’m also having the added problem of not being able to close these windows . . . any suggestions on that?

The problem is fixed in upcoming 8.5.20 version.