Resizing Export Audio Window in Nuendo 12

Hi! It seems that I can’t resize the export audio windows in Nuendo 12 on a 17" laptop: the bottom of the window (where the export command is!) is unreachable even when masking the windows icons. So no export possible on the move…

If you cannot resize small enough by grabbing the top of the window, you can start your export by setting a Key Command:


Set this to whatever key you wish to use.

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This is a great workaround, still it would be nice if this got Steinberg’s attention as the audio export window cannot be resized at all. I am suffering the same problem on a 17" screen. Also:

The cycle marker name window cannot be resized or scrolled to the right so cycle marker names are cutoff
File name, file path, etc. fields cannot be resized so again, these names get cutoff.

Can you change the resolution of your screen?
My 15" Macbook pro sees the entire export audio window okk, it’s resolution is set to 2880-by-1800 (220 pixels per inch)

I had good luck changing “Scale and layout” to 100% Instead of the default 125%. I just changed it right back

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