Resizing issue

Cubase 11, Windows 10, 3840*2160 resolution, 150% scaling

When I use a plugin for the first time, it shows up very small. I then use the “Allow Window to be Resized” option and get the exact same size as I did with Cubase 10.5, only with redraw issues or something like that, check attached screenshot.

Same issue here. Also depending on which monitor the plugin opens in I don’t see all of the plugin interface and have to drag it back and forth across monitors.

Same here. Steps to reproduce:
Windows 10 1909
Cubase 11.0.10 Build 321 (2021-01-13) Pro
HiDPi enabled
Display 1: 3840 x 2160 (175% zoom)
Display 2: 1920 x 1080 (100% zoom)

  1. Open any VST 2 Instrument or Effects plugin (if it shows up on Display 1 then size is fine)
  2. Move plugin window to Display 2 (it will be resized automatically; still everything is fine)
  3. Close plugin window
  4. Reopen plugin window. It will show up on Display 2. Now the window size is too small

Workaround: Move small window plugin to Display 1 (it will be resized to a proper size) and move it back to Display 2. Now it has the right window size

I don’t experience this with VST3 plugins. I also don’t experience this if I enable the option “Allow window to be resized” for VST2 plugins.

So “Allow window to be resized” will do the trick. Unfortunately some VST2 plugins are drawn incorrectly with this option being enabled and the plugin is shown on a display with a zoom level other than 100%.