Resizing key commands window 100% crash

Cubase 10.5, OS 10.14.6

open project
open key commands window
show macros
Expand the lower macro portion to go to bottom of screen.
Expand the top key commands portion to go to top of screen (drag to resize)
move the center bar up so more of macros window is revealed.


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Sure, what is the location of this file? Thank you-

I found this file, maybe it is it, from library-logs-diagnosticReports.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences, please?

Any solution to this?
I’ve had it 3 times today.
But trashing my preferences? How much am I going to loose? Key-commands??

Well deleting user preferences didn’t do the trick!

The bug is gone when I start in safe-mode.
Any help much appreciated.


If it has been fixed, when starting in Cubase Safe Start Mode, it means, some preferences has been corrupted. There for Trashing Cubase preferences (not choosing the Default preset in the Preferences window) would fix it. That would been, you would lost all your custom settings. Therefore it’s good to backup your preferences first. After you can copy some of your important preferences back (for example Key Commands.xml file).