Resizing Plugin Window doesn't work at all

I have Cubase 11pro Trial, Windows 10 ,
No resizing of any plugin possible.
Doesn’t matter if I change the display settings in Windows from 100% to 120%.
I have tried “HiDPI” in settings : unclick or click, doesnt help.
Right-Clicking Plugin “allowing resizing” doesnt help.
How can get the promised feature ?


Are these VST3 plug-ins?

Any plugins. No natter if its third party or Steinberg newest „frequency“


I’m not sure you understand the feature as it is meant.

This doesn’t mean, you can freeze resize any plug-in window to any size you want to. This means that if some plug-in offers to show/hide some parts of the plug-in and the window resizes as follow-up, it will resize properly.

ah ok. Understood ! Thanks very much