Resizing plugin window on WaveLab Pro 11

Hi all,

since WL Pro 9 this topic was already discussed here. Now, I am on WaveLab Pro 11, and still the problem exists. (MacOS Ventura, Intel iMac 2020).

I cannot resize plugin window. And on the modern, high resolution monitors, that means, I can barely read anything, unless I will help myself with magnifying glass (the modern grandpa’s approach).

Still the only plugins that are resizable are those from Melda Productions.

As this problem was reported years ago - did Steinberg provide any solution for it? For all those people, that use monitors with resolution bigger than HD?

Any hints/suggestions will be highly appreciated.


A lot depends on the plugin maker/author. Some plugins will not resize some will. What plugins are you having problems with?

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It may very well be at the discretion of each plugin maker as to whether the interface window will resize or not, and isn’t up to Wavelab. But if you’re on a Mac, you can enable zoom which will allow you to quickly, uh yes, zoom to an area on the screen you need to see in detail (your plugin window). System settings > Accessibility > Zoom. You’ll zoom in on the cursor, wherever it may be.

I use the “Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom” function, and find it very quick to hold control and scroll on a Magic Mouse. This way I get the benefits of larger resolution and can still closely examine detail when I require.

This is a game changer for me too. I use it all the time, even when writing emails and doing other basic tasks. Very fast, clean, etc.

It becomes part of your muscle memory after awhile and you don’t even think about it.

@Mulholland - thank you very much for that tip. Brilliant :slight_smile:

@Thomas_W_Bethel - few from different companies, but the ^^^ above tip works great.