Resizing the audio export dialog window doesn't stick

I’m using Cubase Pro 11.0.10.

The audio export dialog window is always too tall for my screen (which is 1080) and although I can resize it to work and it will open during the same session at the smaller height, restarting the program returns it to its original, too-tall size.

Anything I can do about this? Thanks!

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I have had this same issue with version 10 and continues into 11. I did ask Steinberg support about this before and they said it has to do with my scaling settings in Windows 10. Since I am using a 55" UHD TV 3840 X 2160 my scaling is at 300%. Prior to that I had a 55"SD TV 1920 X 1080 and it was set at 150% scaling. This is a pita to have to resize the export audio dialog window every time I export. It would be nice if they would fix this issue! :crossed_fingers:

+1. I have to resize the Export dialog box every time I export, the “export audio” button is too low and doesn’t show up on the screen by default in Cubase 11.

My Windows settings are:
Scale and Layout: 125% (recommended)
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (recommended)

Can anything be done on the user end?