resizing window (from custom GUI) HELP

I am not using VSTGUI for GUI, but I have problem a resize a window. I can resize a “view” inside window but window don’t want a change a size (only after reopen a window).

I found this topic and I realized that resize should call from UI thread?
If yes, how can I send a message to UI thread, if I use custom GUI? Btw custom GUI is on another thread. I can’t find any info in documentation or I overlook it.

you need to use the main thread to call all methods into the host from your IEditController implementation, everything else may fail and will eventually crash the host. We don’t have support for your use case in the SDK, so you have to come up with it yourself.


hmm, can be this accomplished by Private Communication?

I think, call from UI to processor and then from processor to EditController

No, as already said, we don’t have anything like that in the SDK.
How did you get the editor to run in its own thread? How did you close it? You already need some kind of messaging between the main thread and your custom thread!

Editor is not running in own thread. My GUI is on own thread, the editor just only show window (CreateView) and get and set size if needed for window. Get values from my GUI is easy from controller, but otherwise it looks like impossible. But from processor it is easy because it have process function where I can collect changes from gui.

Of course that this is done. But how I can create messaging if controller or CPlugView doesn’t have any loop (process) where I collect messages or message reciever?

In the processor you should create and activate when needed our own timer (from the main thread, for example during initialization of the processor) which could observe if a message should be send to the controller (using sendMessage)

You mean timer from vst SDK or simply new thread which will observe for messages? If new thread, that means sendMessage() can be called from any thread and then host call this message back to controller?