Resizing windows

Resizing plugin windows in Cubase works fine but not in Wavelab.
What am I doing wrong? For example Voxengo Span, in Cubase I drag the lower right corner to scale the window up and down and it works just fine.
In Wavelab this is not possible. Both in the plugin chain view and the master section.

I just noticed that the only plugins I can scale and resize in Wavelab are the Melda Production plugins.
Anything else (FabFilter, Voxengo, literally anything thats scaleable…) cannot be resized anymore.

Could someone please make a test in Windows 10 / latest Wavelab Pro 9 version to compare?

Are you trying this with VST2 or VST3 plugins?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Justin. I try to avoid installing VST2 as it is about to be abandoned by Steinberg, so I usually install only the VST3 plugin versions.
I just installed Voxengo Span VST2 and scaling works again.

So, whats exactly the problem here? Does Wavelab not support resizing for VST3 yet? And why does it work for the Melda plugins in VST3?
Thats really strange if you ask me.

No problem. I actually don’t have an answer but generally speaking, testing the VST2 version vs. VST3 can at least shed some light.

I too also try to use only VST3 but a few plugins are still VST2 only, and especially in the recent past, some plugin developers had more trouble with VST3 than VST2 so their VST2 versions were more stable.

I usually install both versions but I hide the VST2 in the plugin menu unless I specifically need to use it or try it.

Maybe PG can tell you more about why it’s not working in VST3.

It’s not something I do often but I think I’ve resized other VST3 plugins like Fab-Filter and some others.