resizing windows

Hi folks,
I’m using WL7 on a mac with two monitors. Most Mac apps have a little tiny triangular tab in the lower right corner of the window that you can grab to resize the window or in my case stretch it across two screens. WL7 doesn’t have such a little triangular tab, so how do it extend it across two screens?
I know it sounds like a ridiculous question but WL7 nonstandard windows confuse me.
Thanks. -jon


I’m not a Mac user and don’t know if this could help you, but as far as plugs windows are concerned, double clicking the upper part of the window frame and then double clicking it again allows you to resize the plug window itself, dragging the window upward from the bottom.

At least on my PC works.

The main windows are designed to remain on a single screen. The concept is rather to have different main windows on different screens.

Actually the main window i want to resize is the audio file window. It doesn’t make sense that it would be limited to one window because then you’re forced to cramp together metering and file browser ect… This makes both too small to be of real use. Also, it’s really handy when doing a lot of spectrum editing to be able to view more of the wave across two screens. This was possible in WV6, could you please re-instate in WV7?
Beside, I’ve never seen a UI in a program that is deliberately designed to avoid being resized. It seems so contrary to normal UI standards.

Side note: The master level in the master section can’t be doubled clicked and edited with the number pad manually, which makes it impossible to set to 0 once you’ve moved it with the mouse. Could this also be added as in WV6, or at least some type of snap to 0? thanks!

For the master sliders, this is like in 6: Control + Click to reset to 0 dB. There is no option to enter a value by hand.

For the resizing: the main windows are designed to remain on a single screen, but I don’t mean they are restricted to one screen. If you enlarge it over two screens, you start to significantly loose performances.
What you have encountered, is a bug that sometimes happen: the resize handle is hidden. Something I have to look at.

Ah great. Thanks for the Control + click tip!

So if i want to go ahead and pull the audio window across two screens how would i enlarge it to do this without the resize handle. I tricked it into doing it a few months ago but now it’s locked into one screen. Any suggestions? thanks!