Resolution of SpectraLayers time values

Hi there,
I have touched on this topic quite some time ago and wanted to ask if there is meanwhile any solution to my problem.
I use SL for the purpose of bat call analysis and need a time resolution of better than 1 ms (one additionl decimal digit would do). I can get a better resolution when using samples as opposed to time (seconds) when measuring call lengths for example and enter this into “Project” “Spectral markers and regions” and “Length”. The regions are then correctly shown in the SL spectrogram view.
BUT, when I then export those numbers (samples) into a CSV file, they will be converted back to time and truncated at the ms level. The only way of getting the sample numbers into Excel is to make a screenshot of the SL “Spectral markers and regions” view and import the numbers from the screen dump image. It works, more or less, but is error prone and requires a lot of addional steps. Is there any hope (or a hack?) to export at least the sample numbers as such and avoid the conversion to time?

Thanks, Alfred
PS: I would really appreciate any suggestions …

Hi @asbird I indeed remember your use case… It’s unlikely there will be new features in SL10 at this point, but I’m adding this on my list for SL11, so that when choosing sample units it remains like this during the export, either that or allow extra decimal precision to seconds.

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thanks a lot; something to look forward to :blush:. If I may have a wish: The extra decimal precision would obviously be my preferred solution, but I take what I get …

Cheers, Alfred