Resolution png. jpg .tiff only 72dpi

Hello all,
When exporting to a graphicfile (tiff, png, jpg) Dorico does not seem to accept the manual settings. Instead, the resolution is always kept at 72dpi. With the export as .pdf this “error” does not occur.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

That is because PDF is a vector program that can expand to just about any resolution, whereas the other formats you mention are pixilated and will not change size gracefully. It is a format limitation and has nothing to do with Dorico.

I had set the output in Dorico to 300, 600 and 1200 dpi. But each time a file is created with 72 DPI. Who or what could be responsible for this, if not Dorico?

This is exactly the same Graphic Slice exported from Dorico, but at three different dpi settings.
I haven’t resized the windows in Preview - these are the sizes at which Preview opens the TIFFs.

Top left - 300dpi
Top right - 600dpi
Bottom - 1200dpi

Preview displays all TIFFs as 72dpi (or maybe a consistent multiple of that, if you’re looking on a retina/4k/5k/6k display.), meaning that a 1200dpi TIFF will be visually twice the size of a 600dpi TIFF on screen etc.

If you look at the file info, though, you’ll see that the 1200dpi version is roughly twice as many bytes as the 600dpi version, which is roughly twice as many bytes as the 300dpi version.

Your TIFF image is 6728 x 9512 pixels, which means at 72dpi it’s 93.4 x 132.1 inches. I’m guessing your Dorico document wasn’t that big, so Dorico has indeed used a much higher resolution to create the image.

The ‘resolution’ in Preview’s Get Info is a metadata field in the TIFF file, but you have more than enough pixels to display the image at a reasonable size, at high resolution.

The problem arises in print mode when I want to export it as a graphic. I set the format, e.g. .jpg and then the resolution, e.g. 600 dpi. After the export, however, the file that has now been created is only 72 dpi.
This appears predominantly in another system (M1, Dorico 3.1) exactly as it does with me (iMac 2017, MasOs Monterey, Dorico 4).

Thanks for the help.

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