resolve missing files error: invalid or unsupported

Hi guys,
Anyone know why, when I point Cubase to the folder containing some missing files or locate the file itself I get the error- invalid or unsupported file!
It is a valid file and it’s played in Cubase before, it was the one originally used in the project so why is Cubase 9 not accepting it yet I can import it via File/Import or drag it in, any ideas? Thanks

If you select one of the specific files from that folder, are they able to replace one at a time?

What operating system are you on? What version and build of Cubase 9 do you have installed? What file format are the original files (44.1 kHz 16 bit .wav, 48 kHz 24 bit .aif, etc)?

Hi Chris,
Unfortunately not, this is why it is very strange. The file name matches exactly, the sample rate is the same (44.1khz) but when I point Cubase to the file location one at a time I get the ‘invalid or unsupported file’ error for every attempt.
I have the latest and most current build of Cubase 9 and the latest version of Win 10 64bit Pro with all updates.

Are you able to import those files to a new Empty project?

I have just had a similar problem. A project that loaded fine 3 days ago (28-Sep), today (01-Oct) complains about one of the WAV files.
I have tried copying it - no change. Edited it in RX6 - no change.
The WAV file is dated 02-Sep. Even a backup of the project dated 02Sep won’t load due to this one file. So I’m guessing this is a Cubase 9 bug.
Any thoughts?

OK. May have found something. When I went into the pool the offending file was labelled “reconstructible”. Having clicked on “reconstruct” I may be back where I was…