Resolved: A disk overload occurred during the export (after Waves update)

My 9.5 environment has been corrupted somehow and I can no longer export. I get the disk overload message even on a two bar export of a new, empty project.

The problems started yesterday when I did an upgrade install on some Waves plugins and accidentally included their SoundGrid application, which apparently loads drivers that were then causing problems on boot. I uninstalled it, but then Cubase kept asking for a related document folder. I eventually uninstalled all of Waves and while Cubase no longer prompted for the Waves SoundGrid folder, it didn’t fix the export problem.

I then uninstalled Cubase 9.5, then reinstalled it, and then installed the 9.5.041 update as that’s the version I’ve been running. Still got the same error. I’d been using my song project, which had plugins loaded, so I decided to try creating a new project with nothing in it, i.e. create new project, set the range to measures 1 - 3, do the export. Got the same error message.

I also have Cubase 9.0 and 10.0 installed. I ran the exact same test on both of them, and each time it exported the empty 2 measures with no errors.

I’m pretty sure the Waves install problems somehow corrupted the 9.5 environment as I had no problems exporting before it. That said, I’m not sure how to recover 9.5 at this point. An uninstall / fresh install of Cubase is the typical brute force cure, but the error persists so clearly I’m missing something.

I would be grateful for any debugging / recovery options you could suggest.


Deleting the preferences solved the problem.