[Resolved] A way to create custom brace and bracket groups


I had a little trouble grouping instrument from different families into one bracket, for instance, woodwinds and brasses.
I tried creating a group with both families of instrument in setup mode, and looking into engraving rules=>Brace and Bracket, but it didn’t worked out (the “cor” isn’t included in the bracket):

I then changed the brass instrument into a woodwind instrument and renamed it as a brass instrument. It worked like a charm.
Dorico thought it as a woodwind instrument and placed the bracket with instruments of the same family.

I sure have to make it into a brass instrument again for the “cor” (horn) part to be transposed, but at least I have the bracket I want for the full score.
Is there a better way of doing it?

Go to Engraving Options and select the Brackets and Braces section.
Enable Small Ensemble.
Go to Setup mode and use Groups to bracket how you want.

Oh! Thanks! That’s much better!!

Brilliant! I’ve taken note of this for an orchestral piece I’m writing in the upcoming months. Thanks!

But… The braces will disappear…

Yes, that’s a bit disappointing. I want groups of my choosing AND Secondary brackets.

This will be possible in future when we provide a means to edit brackets and braces in Engrave mode.

The solution in 2.2.10 is outstanding - thank you!!!