[Resolved] Accidental and dynamic properties different between full score and parts


I use Dorico 2.1.
I have trouble with accidentals and dynamics properties set in the full score and not being applied in the parts.
For example, I sometimes want to hide the intensity marking of a dynamic, just to show the suffix “dolce”, but in the part, it says “pp dolce” (pp being the dynamic I created then hided).
An other problem is the alterations. Sometimes, I just don’t want Dorico to show the accidental or hide it. But in the parts the propertie isn’t applied (in the example below there is a natural C in the first bar, then a hidden natural C is the second bar, but the display is different between the full score and the part).

I need to read all my score to be sure nothing is missing. That is quite time-consuming, most of all for a 1000+ score with 12+ instruments.
Is there a way to make it apply in both the full score and parts?
Or are there plans to make it available in a future update?

Have you used the “Propogate properties” function?

No, I didn’t. Thanks a lot! It works!
But without your help in the forum, I would never have had thought of selecting all the score and go to Edit=>Propagate Properties.
I don’t understand why this option is not by default for dynamics and accidental, most of all for non transposing instruments…
Who would want different properties by default in dynamics (and accidentals for non transposing instruments) between the full score and parts?

Cyrdup, the design philosophy is to prioritize independent adjustments of score and parts. I agree the opposite view could also be valid, but this was a conscious design philosophy on the part of the team.

Best practice here is to select everything in the score, and propagate all properties if desired. Easily done, albeit an extra step.

Also, bear in mind that Propagate Properties was introduced as an interim measure until the developers have found a better way of doing this.

On the plus side, until Dorico 2.1 it was necessary to manually tweak each of these properties in each layout separately. Propagate Properties is a huge improvement, even if you do have to remember to use it.

Yes, you’re right. It’s already a huge time saver!
If there would be a way to easily propagate “dynamics only” properties( without accidental properties) on transposing instrument parts, it would be very helpful.
Thanks again for your help.

There is. In the score, select all, then Edit > Filter dynamics, then Edit > Propagate.